Guidance After an Injury: Forum Selection Clause

What is the forum selection clause? It’s a common tactic vessel employers use. See how it might affect you.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.4 - Salta.Law

Are punitive damages available to seamen? These kinds of recoverable damages do not apply to all seamen’s remedies. See the details.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.3 - Salta.Law

What if you bear fault for your own injury? Learn more about attributing percentages of the fault between you and your vessel employer.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Sanchez v. Smart Fabricators - Salta.Law

Why do maritime employers try to challenge seaman status? Learn more about seaman status disputes with Sanchez’s case.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.2 - Salta.Law

Would you be compensated if you can no longer perform your job? Seamen are entitled to future wage loss claims. Learn more.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.1 - Salta.Law

What types of damages can seamen recover following an injury? There are more recoverable damages available than you might think. See the extensive list.

Southard v. Ballard Marine | Salta.Law

Why Southard’s status as a seaman was challenged? This hotly contested case reveals more about decisions in Court. Discover more.

Noble Drilling v. Deaver | Salta.Law

A seaman seeks M&C benefits after a personal injury. How does his employer handle the claim? Learn more about your legal rights with Deaver’s case.

In re B&C Seafood | Salta.Law

Two seamen cannot return to work due to a permanent condition. Is their employer right to terminate their M&C benefits? See the full case.

Adriatic Marine v. Harrington | Salta.Law

An injured seaman sues his employer, but the investigation discovers a concealed pre-existing condition. How would that affect his case? Learn more.

Luwisch v. American Marine Co | Salta.Law

How may a seaman’s fault affect his personal injury lawsuit? Learn all about it with the Luwisch v. American Marine Co case.

Rogers v. Estate of Ashlock | Salta.Law

The Rogers v. Estate of Ashlock case shows why a seaman should not delay a personal injury claim. Learn more about the time periods to follow.

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