Personal Injury Lawsuit: Sanchez v. Smart Fabricators - Salta.Law

Why do maritime employers try to challenge seaman status? Learn more about seaman status disputes with Sanchez’s case.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.2 - Salta.Law

Would you be compensated if you can no longer perform your job? Seamen are entitled to future wage loss claims. Learn more.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.1 - Salta.Law

What types of damages can seamen recover following an injury? There are more recoverable damages available than you might think. See the extensive list.

Southard v. Ballard Marine | Salta.Law

Why Southard’s status as a seaman was challenged? This hotly contested case reveals more about decisions in Court. Discover more.

Adriatic Marine v. Harrington | Salta.Law

An injured seaman sues his employer, but the investigation discovers a concealed pre-existing condition. How would that affect his case? Learn more.

Luwisch v. American Marine Co | Salta.Law

How may a seaman’s fault affect his personal injury lawsuit? Learn all about it with the Luwisch v. American Marine Co case.

In re B&C Seafood | Salta.Law

Two seamen cannot return to work due to a permanent condition. Is their employer right to terminate their M&C benefits? See the full case.

Noble Drilling v. Deaver | Salta.Law

A seaman seeks M&C benefits after a personal injury. How does his employer handle the claim? Learn more about your legal rights with Deaver’s case.

Guidance After an Injury: Advance on Wages | Salta.Law

Injured seamen may not see the advance on wages as a hidden agenda of their maritime employer. Learn more about this strategy in personal injury cases.

Seamen’s Rights & Remedies: Recap on the Jones Act | Salta.Law

How does the Jones Act help you? Find all the details in one place from its primary purpose and coverage to its limitations. See the short summary.

Rogers v. Estate of Ashlock | Salta.Law

The Rogers v. Estate of Ashlock case shows why a seaman should not delay a personal injury claim. Learn more about the time periods to follow.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Caldwell v. SCGC | Salta.Law

A technician working aboard a riverboat casino gets injured. What’s the outcome of his personal injury lawsuit? Learn more about the vessel status factor.

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