Personal Injury Lawsuit: Jackson v. Chem Carriers - Salta.Law

A new test for seaman status becomes a practice in personal injury lawsuits. Learn more about it with Mr Jackson’s case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Taylor v. B&J Martin - Salta.Law

The captain of DUSTY DAWN files suit against his employer after a trip and fall accident. The defense brings up their safety policies. Discover why.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Galloway v. Moran Towing - Salta.Law

How long are seamen able to receive maintenance and cure benefits? Learn more about that from Galloway’s case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Price v. Quality Energy - Salta.Law

Mr. Price spent 50% of his time in the service of a vessel. Does that make him a seaman? Learn more about seaman status disputes with his case.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Knight v. Kirby Offshore - Salta.Law

Who’s at fault when an accident happens at rough sea? Mr.Knight’s case shows how the court attributes comparative fault. Learn more.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: In re Matocha - Salta.Law

What conditions are open and obvious aboard a vessel? Learn more about a common defense in the case of slipping and tripping injuries.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: In re Prosper Operators - Salta.Law

In re Prosper is a personal injury case that involves an advantageous procedural weapon used by vessel operators. See what it is.

Guidance After an Injury: Forum Selection Clause

What is the forum selection clause? It’s a common tactic vessel employers use. See how it might affect you.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.4 - Salta.Law

Are punitive damages available to seamen? These kinds of recoverable damages do not apply to all seamen’s remedies. See the details.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.3 - Salta.Law

What if you bear fault for your own injury? Learn more about attributing percentages of the fault between you and your vessel employer.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Sanchez v. Smart Fabricators - Salta.Law

Why do maritime employers try to challenge seaman status? Learn more about seaman status disputes with Sanchez’s case.

Seamen's Rights & Remedies: Recoverable Damages Pt.2 - Salta.Law

Would you be compensated if you can no longer perform your job? Seamen are entitled to future wage loss claims. Learn more.

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