Seamen Are Afforded Special Protection Under the Law


Seamen should be aware of the rights they have, as their working conditions are particular. This hazardous occupation requires special legal treatment for maritime workers. Seamen have access to unique remedies to enforce their rights when needed.

Introduction to Seamen’s Rights 

There are many careers related to the marine industry. If you are working as a seaman, you should know that you are a part of a protected class of employees under maritime law, which regulates legal issues, questions, and any concerns you might have about your employment conditions.

The reason why seamen have access to special rights and remedies is that their occupation exposes them to specific perils. The law recognizes that vessel crewmembers work in an inherently dangerous environment, and offers them special protection. Traditionally, maritime law favors seamen, considering them wards of the admiralty.

Many safety guidelines, rules, and regulations are in place to prevent accidents and protect seamen and maritime workers’ health and well-being. If an accident does occur, though, you might be entitled to compensation.

Know that the specific circumstances will affect the outcome of your case. Prosecuting a case for a personal injury claim as a seaman is complex. Our role as personal injury attorneys is to educate seamen on their rights and the remedies in case of trauma. 

The Risks in Seamen’s Profession: Personal Injuries

As a seaman, you work in an inherently dangerous environment that one cannot compare to land-based jobs. You have exposure to perils and hardships by the nature of your occupation. The law recognizes how circumstances differ between land and sea-based work activities, giving credit to the increased risk at sea. Following a maritime accident, especially in the event of a personal injury, you have the right to be treated fairly

Seamen’s occupational hazards involve a high potential for bodily injuries. And while some personal injuries can be easy to medically recover from, others lead to lasting effects. 

Bad weather can cause slippery surfaces, the vessel’s cargo may unleash risks, and managing heavy equipment poses other specific threats. On the one hand, your employer has to take health and safety measures. On the other – you need to take precautions and follow safety procedures diligently. 

There are many aspects of maritime law that are put in place to protect seamen. You receive special protection in personal injury cases. Legal matters can be hard to navigate, though.

Experienced maritime personal injury lawyers can give you the best advice for your specific case. Learn more about the aspects of maritime law that are important to you by following our blog.