What sets us apart from other personal injury attorneys is that we have had the unique opportunity of seeing behind the scenes of how large businesses and their insurers make decisions and fight claims.

Our mission is to use our extensive and unique knowledge learned from working “on the other side” defending large corporations and their insurance companies to help injured persons and their families restore their lives. We know the tactics they use against you and want to put that experience to work for you to maximize your recovery.

Litigation Philosophy

We believe that hard work and determination are the keys to success in everything you do in life. We apply that philosophy to our law practice.

David attended the evening division of his law school, which took him four years to complete as opposed to the regular three-year curriculum of the day school division. Through the entire four years, David worked full-time as a marine claims adjuster and had the opportunity to learn how insurers make decisions and fight claims, all while simultaneously studying to become a lawyer.

We believe that hard work and determination lead to success in litigation. If you outwork the other side on an everyday basis and are more prepared and more informed than your opponent, you will achieve extraordinary results on behalf of your client. This is the approach that we take to every facet of our practice.