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If you have been injured working aboard a vessel or an oil rig, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced maritime personal injury attorney who understands the applicable law and the available remedies so that you can obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

As a vessel crewmember or an offshore oil and gas production worker, you work in one of the most dangerous industries in America. If you work aboard a vessel offshore Gulf of Mexico or in the inland river system, you may qualify qualify as a seaman. Importantly, seamen are part of a protected class of employees who are entitled to special rights and remedies that are not afforded to other employees in our society.

The reason that seamen have access to these special rights and remedies is that you are uniquely exposed to certain perils and hardships by virtue of your employment. In other words, you work in an inherently dangerous environment. The law recognizes that exposure and is designed to offer you special protection as a result of your employment.

Seamen are entitled to what is often referred to in maritime personal injury law as the “trinity of remedies.” Those three important remedies are:

(1) the right to recover damages from your vessel employer for its negligence under the Jones Act;

(2) the right to recover damages for the unseaworthiness of the vessel under the general maritime law; and

(3) the right to receive maintenance and cure benefits.

Critically, these unique rights and remedies are designed to protect injured seamen and there is no limit to the amount that you can recover under any of these rights.

Whether or not you qualify as a seaman can be a complicated determination. Moreover, the unique law that applies to govern your rights and remedies can be difficult to navigate. It is critical that you hire an experienced maritime personal injury attorney.

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