Seamen Are Entitled to the ‘Trinity of Remedies’



Any seaman should know that they could be entitled to the ‘trinity of remedies’ in case of an accident. If you get injured in the service of your vessel, you can recover for your damages. Who is eligible for these remedies, though?

Who Can Benefit From the ‘Trinity of Remedies’ Under Maritime Law?

The unique rights and remedies seamen have and the ‘trinity of remedies’ may not apply to all maritime workers. It depends on whether you qualify as a seaman.

For example, vessel crewmembers are very likely to classify as seamen. If crewmembers qualify as seamen, they have the special protection of maritime law. This could be essential if they sustain an injury, especially if the incident happens while they are in service of the vessel.

In maritime law, the ‘trinity of remedies’ is often mentioned as a solution. But how exactly do these remedies help seamen?

What Is the ‘Trinity of Remedies’ In Case of Personal Injury

The ‘trinity of remedies’ is designed to meet injured seamen’s needs, giving them the resources to recover after a personal injury. Crewmembers can recover damages as compensation:

  1. Under the Jones Act for their vessel’s employer negligence.
  2. Under general maritime law for the unseaworthiness of the vessel.
  3. By the right to receive maintenance and cure benefits.

These rights and remedies not only protect seamen but are limitless when it comes to the amount one can recover. This is not all, though. 

Do you want to learn more about your rights as a seaman? Maritime law also offers protection against retaliation by maritime employers.